Belgrade Beer Fest: A paradise for beer lovers

In Serbia

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

–  Benjamin Franklin –

    What is the Belgrade Beer Fest

Belgrade Beer Fest, according to my boyfriend Davor, is a magical place filled with joy and happiness. To be honest, I couldn’t agree more.

This year Belgrade Beer Fest  celebrated its fourteenth birthday, still as one of the biggest beer festivals in the Southeastern Europe. The basic festival principles were, as always: free entrance, a lot of cool musicians playing during the festival, and most importantly, for all of you beer lovers, a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands. The rule is that there are no rules, it is just a place where you can enjoy yourself with your friends, good music and awesome kinds of beer.

It should be mentioned as well that the Belgrade Beer Fest has received many positive reviews, such as the one of the British newspaper “The Independent.” In year 2005. the Belgrade Beer Fest was ranked among 20 world events that must be visited. The festival became one of the most important parts of the tourist offer of Serbia, a brand that celebrates good vibes, and in 2014. it got the award “Best of Serbia.”

       How to have F.U.N. at Belgrade Beer Fest

And this is how the story goes. One day, we decided to visit the Fest, my boyfriend, his sister and I. After leaving the car at the parking garage of the shopping center Usće, the first thing we saw when arrived was a river of people on the streets walking towards the entrance gates. The one could have seen that the night is going to be great. There were many entrances so checking was going pretty fast, there wasn’t any kind of slowing down, and people were quickly passing the gates, finding themselves on the other side. Everybody were so ecstatic, laughing and spreading positive energy, which is the main hallmark of this festival.

Belgrade Beer Fest Belgrade Beer Fest


As well as in the past years, the event was secured by the police to prevent any kind of riots and there was a little ambulance facility to provide the first aid, if needed.

The lights of the huge booths of the beer brands, music stages and luna parks blinded us as we were approaching to the festival. The hospitality and kindness of the people at the booths gave us homelike feeling, and the smiles on the faces of people around us, peace and serenity. People were dancing, singing, drinking beer, simply just having fun, and leaving all worries behind.


              Beer Brands

Anyone who was there few nights ago, could have tried many famous brands and kinds of beer, such as Heineken, Tuborg, Eichbaum, Baltika, Paulaner, Laško, APA beer, House of beer, and The Black Turtle among others, from foreign, and Jelen, Lav, Krugher & Brent, Zaječarsko from domestic brands. On each booth one could have asked for draft beer, bottled or canned, at affordable prices. There were blurry draft beers, stouts (strong red beer), dark beers, beers with different flavours, mostly the taste of the fruit like strawberry, blueberry, lemon, ciders, and many other beers and beer-a-like beverages. I wasn’t lying when I said that it is the real beer lover’s paradise.

Belgrade Beer Fest rsz_dsc_0495 rsz_dsc_0500

Beer Fest Beer Fesr Beer Fest

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         Food  and  fun

There were stands where you could have enjoyed the Serbian barbecue, hamburgers and hot-dogs, chips and crisp, established for the full beer lover treatment. In one part of the field there were tables for playing Beer pong and Foosball, so people could have made teams and compete with each other, and in the other part was an amusement park with carousels, rodeo with a mechanic bull, roller coaster, bumper cars etc. There was a Karaoke stand, as well.

Beer Fest Beer Fest Beer Fest

Personally, after trying the Eichbaum’s blurry draft beer, which has an amazing taste and flavour, my choice was riding the rodeo bull. Sadly, it didn’t last too long. Oh, what a night it was!

           Music performances

An amazing music scene was held this year, under the open sky, at the field near confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. The Fest was held from 17-21 of August, and during those 5 days, performed more than 50 artists, from the country and abroad.

The first day was immortalized by the most spectacular opening, live concert of the worldwide famous attraction, British D’n’B band – Rudimental.  They started the concert with their song released in 2015, named “System,” with words “Don’t let the system turn you fool,” which  made crowd instantly go wild and crazy. Thousands of people repeated lyrics of their songs singing along, jumping and screaming like they were in some kind of music ecstasy. You could really “Feel the love” in Belgrade that night. On that day more than 50.000 visitors enjoyed listening to them, and others musician as Viva Vox Choir, hip-hop group Elemental and R’n’R band Flight 3.

Besides Rudimental, on other days there were musicians as Zvonko Bogdan, Bajaga and the Instructors, YU group, this year’s Serbia Eurovision contestant – Sanja Vučić and ZAA group, Bilja Krstić and Bistrik Orchestra, S.A.R.S., and many others.

Music scene Belgrade Beer Fest Beer Fest

On Saturday night, Serbian pop rock band S.A.R.S. made magic happen with their authentic sound and style. Famous by their honest lyrics and catchy rhythm, they trilled the crowd, and once again made the Belgrade Beer Fest one of the best events which Serbia has to offer.


              Safety first

As the proof of how good the Belgrade Beer Fest is organized comes out the fact that every year there was organized free transportation to four key points in Belgrade, but this year that wasn’t all. Within the “Guys, who is driving home?” action, the free transportation was provided for the visitors from other cities in Serbia, such as Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac. All you had to do was submit an application through an e-mail address posted on the site of the event.

              Why should people visit the Belgrade Beer Fest

Because it is freaking awesome, that’s why! When I look back, I remember the fabulous time I had at the Fest, all the cool stuff I did, the great feeling I had while being a part of something so interesting, and all those memories I have made with the people I love. Belgrade Beer Fest is the perfect event if you want to have a blast, try something new, and live your life to the fullest.


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