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As I travelled already so many countries and still daily, people are asking me “Where are you from?” Belgium, and at their look you can see that they don’t have any clue where that is. Do you know that tiny spot near to Holland, Germany and France, I almost always say in the hope they can locate it. If you look at the world map you almost don’t see this country. But since it’s soo small you will have a good experience here since is easier to travel, because you could do all daytrips just leaving from the middle (Brussels). From one place to another will not take you a night bus (we don’t even have it in Belgium) it will normally take you around two hours to go from one place to another with car or public transportation. You also can easily do this by bike since this is not so hard.

Where to go?
1. Brugge

This city is tiny, cosy, romantic. We have a lot of tourists here. You can buy the best chocolates here or unless that’s what they say, because of the tourism prices are rising high. In the summer they have a lot of open air markets and festivals to check it out.  Don’t forget to try out our beer , there are so many thousands of kinds and flavors. Even me like a not alcoholic drinker I found one that I liked a very sweet one with framboise.


Brugge by night


2. Oostende
It’s the biggest city at the coast. Let’sgo to the coast since Brugge is so close to their, our coast can be very popular when the weather is good, don’t expect 40 degrees, this is a north coast. You can also plan to do the hole beach coast since is less than 60 km. You can take the coast tram, bike or skate into France, always following the beach. Eat fish, shells, oysters, crabs, any type of seafood as fresh as possible. For sure try to drive a go-kar we have it in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors or even backwards


3. Brussels
Ahhh the capital of our country soo busy, chaotic just like any other capital in the world. Here you will mainly hear French if you don’t know yet there are three official languages in Belgium( Flemish, French and German) . Our capital has very good public transport easy and quick. You will find a lot of different cultures which can make your walk around very interesting. We have a lot of important monuments to see:
A. Mannekepis
A lot of tourist that I met try to say this name but since it’s hard to pronounce they are just describing as the little boy that pies. That weird name that the travelers couldn’t say comes from Dutch and its meaning is manneke= little men and pis = pee, that actually all tourists instead of saying the name are giving the full translation, funny no ?!
B. Atomium
Nine silver balls from 18 meters that during visiting times you can enter and see how they built this famous monument. If you want to know more about it, then is worth it a visit!
C. Cathedral from Saint-Michel and Saint-Goedele
All cathedrals in Belgium are going to be beautiful with a lot of details and unique architecture
D. Big market
The decoration during Christmas is really awesome here with all the bright lights that’s changing colors. It’s also just nice to take a drink here and just look around, you will notice that the prices are extremely high here like 4 euro for a coffee. Crowded by restaurants, souvenir shops, bars…
E. Palace from Brussel
F. Jubelpark
There are many other parks to chill and eat the famous Belgian waffles, they are famous for a reason they are deliiicious…
G. Museum from Keizer Karl
This are just suggestions because it’s the biggest city in Belgium so much more to do and discover just follow your adventurous heart.
4.Durbuy, we also call “the belgische ardennen.”
It is a small town in the south part of Belgium. a lot of people are going there on holiday to relax or to do radical sports. In the winter it’s a spot to snowboard, ski  or cross-country, not always the hole winter has snow, but the chances are big that in January and February there will be snow. You don’t need to have the equipment, you can just rent it there and it’s for all ages. Since the highest point in Belgium doesn’t even reach 700 meters our mountains are a perfect fit for beginners to learn how to skii. During summer we go there to catch the sun, swim in the rivers “Ambleve, de Maas, de Purthe, de Semois, Vesder” or do some canoeing ,rafting , climbing, biking, mountain biking ,hiking and mountain climbing.
ps:In the south it’s recommend to have a car.

Gent, Mechelen, Antwerp, Hasselt, Leuven and Luik are also nice to visit but if you did already three of them it will be a bit boring already. It’s all about the buildings and churches for sure if you stop their you will have a good time but to know what Belgium is all about , you don’t need to see all the cities.

Antwerp centrale train station

Antwerp centrale train station


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When to go?

If you are a lover of the sun like me the best period to travel is in summer , I prefer to be in Belgium in July or august because of the nice temperatures. But in this period its also vacation for the schools so everywhere there is more people and a bit more expensive.  If you want to go for snowboard and ski then you have to go in January and February for snowboard or skiing experience. Belgium is an expensive country just like any developed European country and an average price for a double room will be around 100 euros specially in tourist location.

I strongly recommend if you do a Euro trip then for sure make a stop in Belgium. Just take the map near to you and see which city you can pass. In just a few days you will see a country more for your list and who knows maybe you fall in love with our beers, chocolates or fries! And for sure Don’t forget to take your friends and family the famous Belgian chocolate they will love it.


The Belgian road is waiting for you!


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