Become a Bondi Beach Bum!


First Glimpses Of Bondi

There is no place like the vast idilic setting that is Bondi Beach. Although the impression you get from the famous beach differs massively, simply according to the amount of clouds that are hiding the sun. Normally you would wonder down the hill towards a spectacular beach packed with people catching every ray of sunshine that is thrown down at them, accompanied by the sound of waves crashing over aspiring surfers in the background, as a smile easily creeps over your face. Even though a rainy day is a rare occurrence in Sydney, when one occurs life at Bondi simply ceases! Once the first drop of rain falls from out the sky life seems to scatter. At one point you could be fighting for a couple meters of sand and then confused on what to do on an empty beach!  It is lucky that the sun shines over Bondi beach as when it does the fabulous locals and buildings shine back.

Don’t Be Foolish!

Although there are hundreds of places/things to do that can be recommended in a place like Bondi, but below are 10 extremely special examples. The suburb is so tailored to tourists that there is a precious place for everyone to enjoy.

  • Bondi Iceberg Pool.
  • Bondi Iceberg Club (My favourite moment of my travels, was drinking a cold beer watching the effects the sunset had on such a beautiful location.)
  • Go for a group surf lesson.
  • Ben Buckler.
  • The Bucketlist Bar.
  • Bondi Pavillion (The art galleries are amazing!).
  • Go for the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee.
  • Bondi Ink
  • Get up early and simply sit on the Beach (Exercise central as the sun rises)
  • Noah’s Backpackers (People are simply amazing)

My Favourite Visits

Personally I have had multiple exciting visits down to Bondi. They are experiences that have shaped my travels into a massive success. Although you don’t know much about me prior to these stories, I hope they don’t shape your opinion of me into one of the most uncool individuals to ever set foot upon the golden sands of Sydney.

During one stereotypically beautiful evening, I decided to go for a run a long the promenade down at Bondi. Of course I had to make a few serious decisions before going on such an excursion. I should note also that this was one of my first few visits down to the beach. I decided that I wouldn’t take my phone, as music wouldn’t be necessary while in the presents of such an amazing place. I decided that I would instead jog along to the sound of waves in the background (This later would come as a mistake). Upon arrival I tried my hardest to fit in and look like a local so, I copied other runners as they did shuttle runs from the North to South end of the beaches. Everything was going beautifully, I was living the dream – running mid sunset on the east coast of Australia. Life then became serial as an extremely familiar American voice filled my ears. I span round mid run, which I then discovered is one of the least graceful things you can do. Forcing your body one way, whilst continuing your previous action of running apparently turns you into an image normally found on a TV screen. Luckily this only resulted in a few giggles and weird looks. After my floundering dance was over, I looked up to see major celebrity Vince Vaughn with a friend greeting and smiling everyone walking past him. Of course my excitement peaked, however it seemed to overwhelm me into a mind blank like never before. I couldn’t for the life of me remember Vince’s name. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, to quickly ask his friend while his back was turned what his name was. After deciding not to look too needy I decided to then continued on my run, and approach him again in a little while armed with his extremely basic details. I finished another shuttle and headed back towards the south end of the beach and more importantly back toward Mr. Vaughn. During my run up I decided that it would be foolish to approach Vince in my hot, sweaty state from behind – I mean, I could quite easily get mistaken for someone ugly, dangerous and angry – so I continued my run so I could approach him face to face. This was the beginning of my game of Hide and Seek. Theoretically there is one direction he could have walked along the promenade, so I thought I was safe to run away from this ultra famous actor and opportunity. My final run up included excitement, speech planning and regret that I chose not to bring my phone. The selfie options were bouncing around my head, distracting me from the fact that I had already passed the location the rare Vince Vaughn had previously been sighted. Such a creature is rarely stopped in the wild and chatting to him is almost unheard of. My hopes of meeting Vince ceased as the sun went down and it began to get dark. I had spent almost an hour running around the beach with the single aim of meeting him and whipping out my now polished monologue. The disappointing night ended at the bottom of a cold beer that I enjoyed in The Bucket-list Bar just off the beach.

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    Cloudy with a chance of disappointment 

The sunrise over Bondi beach is a beautiful and glorious thing. Something that is experienced by very few people. I was told that to experience the full event I would need to be awake early enough to get to the beach by 4:30am. This is exactly what I did. Personally I decided to bring my surfboard and my waterproof camera so that I could update my Facebook profile picture to something impressive and amazing! I got to the beach nice and early and it was still dark. The town was deserted, despite a few individuals that had rode the night through and were left hungover on the beach, all waiting for the same spectacle. Just as the light was beginning to brighten it became obvious to me that I had decided to rise from my habitat at such an ungodly time on a random cloudy day in Sydney. With the hopes that the sun would burn through the clouds, I stayed perched on my surfboard, ignoring the cold water. My dreams were left unfulfilled…..I read 7 am on the clock displayed over the Iceberg Swimming Pools and decided to return back to the beach. Personally I am extremely new to surfing, so as a result was left battered and bruised by my departure. What I wasn’t expecting was the transformation of Bondi beach in the early hour of the day. The beach is adopted by athletes in the early hours before they have to rush off to work. I emerged from the ocean in what I like to believe was a very Daniel Craig-esque style, but in reality I actually had seaweed on my foot as I stumbled over my surf board leash. The morning had left me in a disappointed, cold state. Thinking nothing else could get worse, whilst cleaning my surfboard in the water I managed to snap one of the fins off… eventually I was left disappointed, cold, wet and holding a broken surfboard – with the knowledge that I was surrounded by good-looking, successful Australians. The only plan of action was to retreat back to my bed and consult the pillow, before exposing myself to the realisation on what had happened that morning.


The reason why I described these stories as ‘examples of things that shaped my travels into a massive success’ is purely based on the stories I got from them, and the reactions people give upon hearing them. These stories wouldn’t have been the same if the location wasn’t as volatile and amazing as it is. No matter how many things could and did gone wrong whilst I was there, I am still left in love with the location.

Learn To Love It

The more times you visit Bondi, the more you realise it is impossible to hate. I am not saying that you won’t find individuals that don’t like this massive beach – you will. They also may have different reasons for their dislike. However all these people most likely have one defining thing in common – and that is that they didn’t give the location a chance. Bondi Beach is famous for a reason – it is famous because everyone is able to find something they love about it – you just have to go looking and give it some time.










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