Bali: The mesmerizing island

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Bali: The mesmerizing island

If you could choose to go anywhere in the world, where would that be? I asked myself that question and I chose to go to Bali. But what is it about this small little island that makes people wanting to travel there? Is it the welcoming and loving inhabitants, the stunning beaches or the charming rice fields? All of these things makes Bali one of the most mesmerizing islands in Asia, absolutely a place everyone should have on their bucket list.

Some facts about Bali

  • Bali is the only island in Indonesia where the society is based on hinduism instead of islam.This attracts a lot of tourists since it is not as strict as the other islands which is the reason it is called the party island of Indonesia.
  • The balinese food is also an attraction, especially if you come from another culture. Their food culture is filled with different kinds of fruit and vegetables and if you go there it is a plus if you like rice and noodles. Nasi goreng (fried rice) and Mie goreng (fried noodles) are two specialties the inhabitants tend to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Imagine doing that every day!
  • They have the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak. The difference between this coffee and regular coffee is that it is made from Civets droppings. They feed the civets with the coffee beens, collect them from there poop and roast them. This may not sound appealing but the process is supposed to give the coffee a really good taste.
  • Imagine a beach paradise. Maybe you are picturing a beach with beautiful white sand. It may surprise you but Bali is one of the few places where some of the beaches have black sand. The black sand comes from the cooled lava from the volcanoes up in the north of the island. How cool is that?!

Things to do and places to visit

As you may know, all people are different, some like beaches and sun while others for example like snow and skiing. There are different opinions about Bali too, some people does not like it because of the partying and some people love it there because of the variety of places you can visit and things you could do. The ones who think Bali is too touristic and trashy have usually only been to Kuta, which hosts most of the parties on the island. So it is true, a lot of people tend to go to Bali to party but there are just as many who travels there to find inner peace by practicing yoga in the heart of Ubud, a village in the middle of the island. You should basically take your time to travel around the whole island while you are there so you can experience the beauty of the different places. Below are some places I really think people should visit while there.

  • Ubud, which is a village surrounded by beautiful scenery such as rice fields, mountains and small water falls. Here you can enjoy the calmness and sign up for a yoga class, go to a spa or visit the monkey forest where you can take pictures of and feed wild macuaqe monkeys.
  • Mount Agung, the highest volcano in Bali which peaks at 3142 m. It is still active but if you are an adventurous person you can join a guided group and hike up the mountain to see the sunrise at the top. You will start walking in the middle of the night and it will take approximately four hours to walk up and a little less down but it is a fantastic experience and you will see the amazing view when you reach the top. If you would like to know more about trekking at Mount Agung you can click here.
  • Tanah Lot Temple, a water temple located in the south that you have to visit during the low tide since that is the only time you are able to walk out there. It is a magnificent building and a good spot to take photos.
  • Uluwatu, a place also located in the south where you can visit a temple, enjoy the most beautiful sunset with a beer and look at all the surfers out in the water. If you are lucky you might even be able to see some dolphins jumping by in the background.
  • Canggu, the ultimate surfer place with a cool beach and lovely nature and it is also a bit calmer than Seminyak and Kuta if you prefer that.
  • Old Man’s, which is a really cosy bar located in Changgu that you have to go to while you are there. They have beer pong tournaments, amazing food and great drinks and beer. You will also meet a lot of surfers there since it is always busy. If you want a table there it is better to book ahead.
  • Lovina beach, the beach with black sand which comes from the cooled lava from Mount Agung. Lovina beach is located up in the north of Bali and you can swim with wild dolphins up there if you would like.
  • Sanur, a small town in the south east which also is a lot calmer than Kuta and Seminyak and hides a beautiful beach and a lot of nice restaurants and cafés.
  • Sidemen, is a place whit almost no tourists. It is in the east of Bali and a place you could go to if you really want to get to know the balinese people. You can wake up early and go to the morning market to buy food and clothes or hang around one of the hotel pools near by.
  • Surfing, is one thing you have to do while you are in Bali. You can rent a surf board along the beach or you can go to a surf camp to get the whole experience with surfing and meeting new people.

With all of these things listed you will be busy for a couple of weeks if you chose to travel there. Bali is really a wonderful little island to visit if you want to go to a tropical place with a lot of options of activities. It suits a variety of people like adrenalin junkies, yoga lovers, surfers, party people and normal holiday travelers. You will feel welcome as soon as you enter the country because the balinese people will always greet you with a smile. It really is a place everyone should have on their bucket list.

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