Bali: the first step of my journey


On January 1st 2015, was the first step of my journey all around the world. After a long flight of about 32 hours with two layovers from Quebec in Canada to Kuta in Bali (Indonesia), I was more than happy to feel the sun on my skin meanwhile in Canada it was really cold and snowy. The weather in Bali is very tropical. I was there in January and February which is winter season for me normally. However, let me tell you that as a French Canadian, this was not winter! More than 30 degrees everyday, I could not complain. The first hotel that I have been was the App Inn hotel on Poppies Lane one. What a great hotel! To relax after my flight I wanted a very nice hotel and App Inn was the right choice. Two beautiful pools, very nice modern bedroom with Air conditioning (yes you need it when you are used to -40 degrees), lovely staff and a very good location! For 40$ per night you have a princess room!

What to do in Kuta?

Located on Poppies Lane one, you cannot ask for a better place to be. This street is one of the best street to do some vacancy shopping. The sellers are a little annoying trying to sell you their clothes, jewelleries, art, etc. But you get used to it and I have to say: I love shopping! It is the perfect place to by some gifts for your family and friends. After doing your shopping you might be starving. Well, the hotel is surrounded by many very nice restaurants. My favourite one was called Nomad restaurant. It was delicious, they have a lot of nice cocktail and their chicken satay is incredible! It is a very good place to taste the Indonesian specialities food.
Kuta is a city with a very nice nightlife. If you want to party during your travel around Bali, you have to stop in Kuta for sure! The sky garden night club was very amazing! It is very big because there are a lot of rooms with different type of music (hip hop, electro, dance, etc.). So if you are going out with friends that do not have the same music taste as you that is the perfect place! Everyone will be satisfied. Be careful with your personal belongings, someone try to take purse while I was walking in the street at night. Always stay with you friends and you will have fun and be safe!
Another thing that you have to do in Kuta is surfing. That was my first experience and I really loved it! There are a lot of surf lesson places. It is really cheap and it includes the surf, the suit, and a quick lesson and then you go in the water with the instructor and you have fun! The waves are perfect for beginners. However, the beach in Kuta is not really clean because it is open to locals and it is really touristic. If you want to spend the day on a very nice beach not too far from Kuta you should go to Uluwatu!
I have been to Uluwatu for one day and this place is so beautiful! If you are really courageous there is a big cliff jumping. You can also practice your surfing skills. During your day in Uluwatu you have to go see the Kecak and ire dance which is the traditional Indonesian dance. It is a dance, but it is a story at the same time. It was really interesting and the costumes are breath taking! There is also a very beautiful temple called the Uluwatu temple that you can go visit before watching the spectacle.

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Other city to visit

After Kuta, I have been to Ubud. Ubud is well known for the beautiful rice field. So rent a bike fore not even 4$ for the day and it includes a delicious meal at the end of the day and go all around Ubud and visit the rice field. It is worth it! And cycling eliminates all the alcohol that you had drink the nights before in Kuta. You will take a lot of picture, because the landscapes are amazing! Another activity to do is the monkey forest. You will spend a very fun day with the monkeys. Don’t forget to bring snacks or bananas for them if you want them to come close to you. They are very funny. You will have the chance to see other monkeys if you do the Mont Batur hike. This volcano hike is little hard, but it is the most incredible things I have seen! You will be proud of you to wake up at 2 am to hike and watch the sunshine at the top of this volcano at 5 or 6 am. On your way down there are a lot of monkeys waiting for snacks! The city of Ubud is also well known for the art. I bought 2 beautiful painting that you can roll and put in your backpack and it is really cheap. Go do some shopping you will be impressed. Other activities that you can do are rafting in the jungle, coffee and tea degustation and there are a couple of temples to visit. Ubud was one of my favourite places in Bali. You need to go for a couple days or even a week. The only thing that I didn’t like in Ubud was the roasting pig. It is a very traditional Indonesian meal. As an animal lover I hated to see the complete pig and was not able to eat it…
Bali is a paradisiac island and it is more and more popular to go spend holidays over there. I recommend it for sure to go to Kuta and Ubud. What is nice about Bali is that you can also go beyond. There are a lot of nice other islands very close that you can go by boat for cheap. I will talk about Noosa Lembongang, Gili trawangan and Lombok  islands in my next article.




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