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The hustle and bustle of the city of Sydney is unlike anything I have ever been amongst before. All around me there are tourists just like me, eager to experience what Sydney has to offer.


Sydney is truly a place of wonder and there’s never a dull moment around here. There is always something happening and the coffee culture is a popular trend around here.
The streets of Sydney are easy to nagivate; you can get from one harbor to the next while stopping at places such as Chinatown in between. The inner CBD of Sydney is home to culinary masterpieces, backpacker pubs and quirky “hole in the wall” shops. Sydney may be a business city but it tells a story and offers views indescribable to the eye.

For those who love gardens, the Botanical Gardens offer bright greens, floral scents, various birds and quiet reading benches. It’s beauty makes it an ideal place for everyone in the family.

“The Quay”


Circular Quay is just around the corner from the gardens and is home to (drum roll please) the Opera House. It has seaside character and charm with a breathtaking sight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Many vendors entertain the pathway here so be ready to stop and enjoy the performances!

As you wander through Circular Quay you will find ferries that can take you away from the city for a few hours or even for the day. A popular stop is Manly Beach which is just 30minutes from the Quay and is a quiet beach side town with good vibes. The long stretch of beach and laid back atmosphere make Manly unique to the other parts of Sydney. If you don’t want to take the ferry back you can even do the Manly Beach to Spits Bridge Beach side walk that hosts beautiful views and hidden beaches along the way. You’ll even get to meet some iguanas and wild turkeys on your journey. This hike can take time but is worth the trek as you get to see things from a higher point of view.

Returning to the Circular Quay you can continue on the path towards the bridge and arrive in “The Rocks”. This region is a mixture of Europe and New Orleans all in one. The stone buildings and rocky paths contribute to the name of “The Rocks “. Small coffee shops, cobble streeta and a German Bar can add to a great night out. It’s only a short walk from the city but it feels like a whole other place.

“Darling the Harbour”

As amazing as the Opera House is there is another great harbour just close by. Darling Harbour is home to Madame Tussads, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife Sydney. Even the world’s largest IMAX is housed here right by the water. Saturday nights be there for the 9pm weekly fireworks that light up the harbour and “wow” the crowd. Many street performers also take home to the wonderful Darling Harbor. Anything from unicycle riding, human statues and flame throwers can catch your eyes around there.
Just five minutes walk from Darling Harbour is Chinatown. This is a great cultural area with delicious food, shops and friendly people. One of the highlights of this region is the cream puff shop that you can often find it by the line up that stands outside its tiny window.
There are many stops in Sydney that make it such a desired destination. The parks such as Hyde Park, the harbours and the gourmet food make it worth while. But just minutes outside the hustle of the Central Business District you can find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Manly Beach, Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach are all real show stoppers. The crystal blue water, the laughter of children and the hot sun make a beach day complete.

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*Gasp!* the beaches!


Coogee Beach is home to lots of students from the University of New South Wales as well as locals. It is the location of the Coogee Pavilion and Coogee Bay hotel where you can find good conversation as well as a cold beer or two. Coogee is a chill spot to lay down your towel and catch some rays. Then after the beach the nightlife makes for a chill spot to meet up with friends for a bevvy.
Not far from Coogee is Bondi Beach which can be reached by bus or along the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. This walk might seem long but with breathtaking scenery along the way, the walk will seem quick. There’s a lawn bowling club, outdoor gym equipment and small beaches along the path. The white wash waves and wave cut cliff rocks are especially eye catching. On a weekend this path can be somewhat busy, but if you’re an early bird or a night owl it makes for a romantic sunrise or sunset stroll too. Some of the beaches you can pit-stop to along way are Bronte and Tamarama that aren’t as busy and “touristy” as the main beaches. Continue the coastal walk past these beaches and you’ll round the corner to Bondi to see its long stretch of sand and surf. There’s lots of beach side eateries, bars and fun going on here. On a hot day you’d better be prepared to see thousands of beach babes crowd the sand and get their tan on as this is the place to be. Bondi is the spot to let your hair down and run into the water. Many backpackers find home to this area since it means being near the beach.
All around Sydney one can find a good time, whether it’s at the beach, walking by the shops or sipping coffee in a park, many people enjoy what this city has to offer. Surry Hills has the eclectic housing, Newtown has a good night out and the CBD has great shopping opportunity. This hot spot is a “must-see” in Australia whether you’re here for a good time or a long time make sure you check it out.

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