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Austria, Kitzbuhel where to go, what to do?

Kitzbuhel is a great ski resort located in Tirol, Austria. It is one of worlds best resorts because of his great accomodations, best restaurants, most comfortable ski lifts and biggest ski schools. The reason I went to Kitzbuhel, was because of the ski schools. I went to do my ski instructor course (Anwarter) and got to work in Austria’s biggest ski school: Rote Teufels, translated to English the red devils. In high season, the skischool has around 300 ski and snowboard instructors, from all around the world!
Kitzbuhel is a beautiful little village, it’s a really old style looking Austrian resort but with everything you need while you are on holidays! Also the lifts and pistes are the most comfortable of whole Austria, they are deffinetly not old!

To start with the accommodation

Kitzbuhel has some awesome located Hotels, as a ski instructor I only had the chance to get into those hotels to pick up my guests, but they were always kind enough to show me around. One of my guest who was from Italy was staying at the Rasmushof Hotel
This hotel is located near the Finish area from the Hahnenkamm rennen, this is one of the most famous downhill races held in Kitzbuhel every January. The location of the Hotel is perfect, close to the Hahnenkamm bahn (the gondola) that leads to the start of the Downhill race, and to a big area with perfect pistes for every level (blue/red and black pistes).
The Rasmushof Hotel is also a few minutes walk to the main street with some great shops, all sort of restaurants (I will write more about this later) and also a great pool and sauna. For those who don’t want to ski but want to be active, there are some great walking paths, and crosscountry routes.
You can also hire a guide to walk uphill with special snowboots or you can get a lift pass and walk in the mountains, with some great views!

This hotel is also great when you have kids, there is a kids area, a swimmingpool, they can play outside in the snow and there are two ski schools really close with both kids slopes that lead to the hotel!
For more information about the hotel you can go to:

Low budget?

If you are on a lower budget, you can stay in one of the surrounding areas such as:
Kirchberg, Jochberg or Aurach. All of these places will lead to the same area (top of the mountain) and you can go everywhere with one lift pass.
Kirchberg is a place where a lot (and then I mean a lot) of Dutch people come. There are a lot of ‘’cheap’’ accomodations here and the ski schools have more Dutch speaking instructors then Austrian or English. Which is great when you are Dutch!
If you don’t want to be surrounded by dutch people all the time, it will be better to go to Jochberg or Aurach.

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To hire your ski equipment, you will have a lot of options in Kitzbuhel, if you are also taking ski classes, ask the skischool where you can get a discount, for the red devils it will be the intersport (located under the hahnenkamm gondela). If you want to get a bit cheaper stuff and don’t take any lessons, go to ‘’Ski hutte’’ which is on the right side of the hahnenkamm.
There are so many options to hire equipment, if you are a beginner, you don’t need the best ski’s, it wont help you being a better skier, you will need to hire the best instructor, this will help more… haha

Ski school

If you want to take ski lessons, I would off course say, go to the red devils! There is always someone that will speak your language (yes also if you’re from Russia, Sweden, Japan, or Turkey)
But there are more ski schools, for example Element 3 ‘’the blue ones’’. They are located near the Hotel I just told you about, and have a rental for your equipment as well, located near Mac Donalds in the heart of Kitzbuhel.

There are a lot of other Ski schools in surrounding areas, just check out the side of Kitzbuhel:


Restaurants on the slopes and on the main street, restaurants on the slopes are in every style, Italian food (pizza and pasta), Austrian food (Kaisersmarren, those little cutted pancakes), American food (fast food) and more.
Basically, if you don’t want to spend too much money and are okay with self service, go to sonnenrast, located pretty much in the middle of Kirchberg and Kitzbuhel, the Fleckalmbahn (gondela from Kirchberg), sonnenrast, ehrenbachhohe and Maierl 3 will make it possible for you to get there. Great location! Just make sure you are not there when all the kids classes are having their break (around 12 pm.) you will see all the ski’s outside anyways.. But there are many many more restaurants. Also if you are walking in the mountains, there are great restaurants that you can go to, for example the Hocheckhutte, if you arrive at the top of the hahnenkamm, you just walk around and go one path down to the Hocheckhutte.
Great place with a little more expensive but good meals!

For Austrian food it is great to go to the Streif alm. It’s located at the end of the Hahnenkamm slope, near the kids ski area of the red devils. They have great menu’s and most of them are not even to expensive.
If you want to have a fresh pizza, go to Centro, as their name says, it is in the centre of Kitzbuhel. It is a modern place, and can be really busy at times. But ones you have a table your pizza or pasta won’t take long!

Apres ski

If you are looking for somewhere to ‘’apres ski’’ you can go to the Londoner, it’s a great English pub, with a lot of live music at evenings. Also Flannigans is a great place to go, it is also English, and they always have great evenings when there is rugby! If you want something more Austrian, go to the Streif between 4 and 7 pm. There is always Austrian Music, Austrian drinks (schnaps) and it is not to busy with (annoying) ski instructors.
If you are taking ski lessons, make sure you give your instructor (or your kids instructor) a little tip… they will appreciate it!

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