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The day after arriving in Surfers, I moved to my accommodation where I began to feel relaxed and unwind.  The “Backpackers” was a mint place to stay. I made friends quickly and slotted stright into the community there. ALthough I’m not much of a late nighter, Surfers brought out the party animal in me. The “backpackers” I was staying offered cheap party deals including beer pong, free drinks and cheaper access into bars and clubs. One or two nights a week  we also connected with other backpackers in the area and all went out on the town together.

Me body boarding pose My awesome 10 days was filled with chilling at the beach, meeting new people and joining the trips down to the bars and clubs in town, which were pretty close to the hostel its self. In  all seriousness that was the extent of the activities unless you had a vehicle where you could travel further outside of the central area. Public transport was a little intermittent and the timing was unreliable and also reasonably complicated to work out.  I didn’t quite get there but I have heard good things about the theme parks which are reasonably close such as movie world and sea world.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in “Surfers Paradise”. I had a wonderful holiday packed full of relaxing, partying, beaching and meeting new, friendly people. I am also under the impression that if you were to have a work visa there are many opportunities in the hospitality industry. “Surfers Paradise” was a great start to my travels in “Australia!”

Surfers Paradise Town

“Surfers Paradise” is a city full of active night life,  more so during the summer holiday season. This is during the months of December – February/ March, especially during the school holidays and ‘schoolies’. During my stay I went to “Surfers Paradise life saving club”  as every morning they provide an ‘all you can eat’ buffet for $10.  The perfect cure after a hard night out. Despite being a buffet, the food was of high quality too. If you just have a case of the muchies a kebab in town will fulfil that craving. Day body boarding on surfers beach

The beach is also a great place to chill out but can get busy during certain times of the day.  At the beach one can body board or sunbath and most of the water is staffed by lifeguards during the summer months.   On a Friday & Sunday night you can catch the “night market” from 3-8pm which is full of arts and crafts. You’ll find it along the esplanade. After the market ‘hit-up’ the clubs and dance the night away. 

Nights out in Surfers Paradise

In the 10 days that I stayed in “Backpackers in Paradise” I found myself out a lot. Backpackers in Paradise plan trips to different clubs in the area. $15 can get you your first free drink and free entry to a well established club. Beer pong was a must before we all got together and made our way to the clubs.

I spent a lot of time at Melbas which was a reasonably sized club. It was the local hot-spot for the backpackers in the are and they had different meal and beverage deals each night. I highly rate their pizzas and the atmosphere of the club was excellent and reacent popular music was always on the play-list. Overall it was a good night out. Not that good VB  Along the way I stumbled into a pub called O’Malley’s Irish Tavern. This pub also made for a great night out with reasonably priced food and drinks and the staff were very friendly. My friends and I could have a conversation and were often spoit to live music. If you manage to get to Vanity make sure you check out the insane bathrooms!

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Hostels & Backpackers

I like my “accommodation” to feel relaxed and to be not too crowed. Walking Around Surfers I found various places that you could stay. In the city it was mostly larger hostels and the further away from the city you got the smaller these areas of “accommodation” become. Each “Hostel” has it’s own deals and thus it is worthwhile spending the time working out which will best suit your needs. Another option is ‘work for board‘. Many backpackers also have ‘job clubs‘ where people can work as they stay there.

On my first night I had been mis-informed about where I was staying and ended up in Islander Backpackers . The accommodation was a very large building and close to the main shopping precinct. Some of the rooms also offered stunning vbiews of the city.  They also have various amenities that are available for use such as a kitchen, swimming pool, bar, computers and wifi.

I however liked Backpackers in paradise  a little more because it was like a small community which made it very easy to make friends. They put a lot of effort into ensuring your nights out were a success. They provide you with full use of the amenities while you stay including a pool and spa. They also provide surf board hire and the kitchen is fully equipped. They had Wifi, a cafe, bar, pool tables, spa and an on-site shopHammock

From what I can gather, all the backpackers here are part of the global wifi network where you pay a standard price for how much time you would like to use the WiFi for. I was lucky enough to have a 4g phone with internet capablity and thus did not need to use this service.


Do book a hostel ahead specially during the summer
Check out Hostel world.
Don’t get caught up with the hassle of agencies asking for a bank account, phone etc.
Traveling with a backpack is best
If traveling with a working visa make time for the application to be processed
Make sure you have lots of spending money before you leave.
Get a padlock to keep belongings safe.
Be willing to be flexible with your activies
Stay safe, have fun & relax.

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