Australia: Noosa Heads National Park


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In the past months I’ve been traveling with my small campervan along the south and eastcoast of the Australian mainland as well as Tasmania. On this journey I’ve seen many many beautiful places in Australia and gained experiences, which I’d like to share with you guys. As winter is coming in Australia, most of the backpackers and other travelers are more likely to travel in the warmer northern parts of the country. For this reason, I’m going to write the blog posts in reverse chronological order to my actual route and start with my most recent trips in the north and go further south afterwards. The blog posts are a mixture of travel guide, route planner, tourist information and personal experiences in order to give you a guide for your future travels through Australia. Besides those posts about the actual traveling, I’ll also publish some articles on how to buy and sell a car in Australia as well as working as a backpacker without being ripped off.

Driving through Queensland

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Noosa Heads National Park 

The first stop on the way was the Noosa national park about 100 kilometer North of Brisbane. The Noosa National Park is a paradise for hikers. A couple of well sign posted hiking tracks show you the way directly along the beach, the cliffs and the forest. On that day we had two aims: Rapahelle hasn‘t seen a wild koala before and I haven’t seen sea turtle in my life. We could tick both aims from our bucket list during a 3-hours walk along the coastline of the national park. We saw a koala far up in the tree top after not even half an hour. On the further way we saw a group of dolphins just a couple of meters off the shore playing and spinning. Only a few meters further was the so called Hells Gate, where turtles can be spotted quite often… also on that day. Only a couple of minutes after we arrived at the cliffs, we saw the first turtle coming to the surface and just a few minutes later the next one.Even though we’ve been about 50 meters away from the turtles, we could seen them very well, as they are huge! Turtles are snorkelers and must go to the surface to breath every once in a while. They come to the surface for breathing and go diving again after a deep breath. When they are on the surface, they look very helpless, as the waves skid them quite a lot. You even have the feeling that you must jump in the water in order to help them. Noosa also has beautiful beaches, which invite you for swimming and surfing. The water here is already quite warm and not yet full of stingers (Box Jelly Fishs), sharks and crocodiles. Who travels from south to north, should definitely take the time to enjoy the sea here. Further up north, the shore is more and more marshy lands and caution crocodiles, caution sharks and caution stingers makes you loosing the pleasure of going for a swim.

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Fraser Island Trips from Noosa

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Parking in Noosa Heads

The parkings right at the beaches are all time limited parkings for two or three hours. But there is a pretty big parking without time restriction about 100 meters away from the beach. Unfortunately, this parking is mostly absolutely full, but the public streets a bit away from the beach are also good for parking and without restrictions.

Free Camping in Noosa Heads

There is no official free campsite in Noosa Heads directly. The next official free campsite is about 30 kilometers south west of Noosa Heads at the Belli Park Rest Area or the Bridges Browns Creek Rest Area at the Bruce Highway. Nevertheless, when you are traveling with a campervan, you can also stay on a parking at David Low Way just outside the touristy Sunrise Beach. There are no “No Camping” -signs and many campers are there at night and the rangers seem to be fine with that.

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