Arrival in Australia – Down Under



Arrival in Australia – Down Under

Friendly Aussies:
Arriving at the Melbourne airport in the night after a 20 hours flight with my boyfriend. To enter Australian ground was the first time we left the European continent. With some queasy feelings we approached the immigration counter, when we needed to queue in a really huge crowd of people. The bad feelings that you could have forgotten something or did a mistake in your plans for the entry increased more and more while coming nearer to the immigration agent who is watching strongly in some humans faces comparing it to the photo ID. I was so afraid they could send me back the whole way to Germany just because of a little fault by myself. But when we had the turn all the pent-up intensity fell off. The guy was so friendly just doing his job quiet and fast then welcoming us to Australia.
A nation with helper syndrome:
Then we were here in Australia without any worries and the whole anxiety was in vain.
Happy to have arrived the “no worries” attitude carried me along. Anything will do, just asking for help works all the time from the very first day. The Aussies (that’s how the Australian people call themselves) have a helper syndrome that makes them so unbelievable happy when helping people successfully. Especially they want to give advice where they can to the tourists so the visitors feel comfortable in Australia and having a great stay.
Made in Australia:
The Aussies are a very proud nation. They love their country, animals, sports and generally every product made or grown in Australia. Aussies always want to show you how things work in their city, where are the best restaurants, pubs, beaches, shopping malls or public transports. During the time in Melbourne our host even gave us a drive to show us his neighbourhood.
  • Dangerous and poisonous animals
    The Australians know how to deal with all the dangerous animals they sharing the continent with. Catching spiders with their lunchbox and leave them in freedom while watching a huge possum (looking like big rats) running around on your tree in the garden is normal. Shark alarm seems to be an usual ritual when the lifeguards are instructing the people to leave the water. They worked out a secure system using helicopters and Jet Skis to guarantee the safety of every bathers at the beach so there wasn’t any shark attack in years on most parts of Australia. But in fact all the cautions you get when you arrange your stay abroad are scare stories. “Are you sure you want to go to Australia ? It’s the most dangerous continent on the whole planet!”, you often hear when planning your journey. If you not act wilfully stupid by working against all valid precautions and use your human intellect there are hardly any big dangers. Read the warning labels and follow these also obey to instructions gave to you. If you’re be told there are dangerous sea currents today then listen to it because you can feel the strange of these even though you’re just standing knee-deep in the water. So better accept the rules to your own safety.

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  • The athletic Aussies
    Sports seem to be an Australian passion. Cricket ( a match can last up to five days), Australian Football and of course Surfing are the most popular sports here. The kids just grow up with an active lifestyle since they’re really young. But how could you not love to be outside and doing sports in such an amazing country ? Surfing by sunrise or in the evening watching the awesome nature colouring the sky in these amazing postcard picture. Or doing your fitness workout directly on the beach and cooling down by jumping in the sea after you finished. It’s less physically demanding while being in a holiday region and you can reward your body with resting on the beach after.
  • Made in …
    On TV and the supermarkets Australia proudly advertises with made in Australia. They love to see what their hard work created and the Aussies work really hard up to 7 days a week sometimes. Also we like these products just because they are cheaper often while everything is connected to so high costs in Down Under. Made in Australia means no high import costs to the customer what is gentle to your wallet. And seriously which country is not proud on “made in .. my country”? I know Germany do and that’s my personal opinion too.
Public Transports in Melbourne:
The good thing there is a close network connecting the whole city. But the bad thing the system isn’t really easy to understand for a visitor. At the Tram stops are always maps with the next stops. This sounds useful doesn’t it ? But when you get up the Tram sitting there feeling save you know where to get off you’ll notice … no. The stops on the map and also on all other plans are neither all stops nor the names are the same as they really called. Of course there is no display where the stops are shown and except of the CBD area there is also no announcement. The only advice I can give you on your way through Melbourne is to use Google Maps showing you where you are and when you are approaching your destination. I think also the locals do it and it’s the best method to find your way in big Melbourne.
The new language:
Starting from the first minute you are in Australia you’re be faced with the new language. The best way to learn it ? Start right there. Talk to anybody you can and ask whenever you have a question. Nobody will laugh about your English because they will know you’re new in this country. Usually they are even happy about your possible skills when they know how long you’re only here. And the Aussies aren’t that good in foreign languages because they speak the world language and everybody understand them. This is why they pay still more respect to you if you come here and you can just communicate in the new language. But I know it’s really hard to get over yourself and talking to people always speaking English fluent and perfect. We arrived as one of the last to Australia this year because most people start their journey right after they finished school and this is why most people from overseas we meet here are as much better in English than we are what is really depressing sometimes. But then you need to visualise yourself that these people are so much longer in Australia now than you are and that’s just normal.
Start your journey because for all downs you’ll have you can just gain your experience!
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