Amsterdam Netherlands: A Must Have Experience


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Best Things To Do In Netherlands

Visit the Serene Amsterdam City

The tourism centre and the capital city in the country, Amsterdam is as lovely and serene as it is crazy. The capital comprises of more than 1500 bridges, many continuous canals and still more bikes; this makes Amsterdam be one of Europe’s most admired cities with many visitors. Besides its attractive gabled houses and stunning flower-decked waterfronts, there is still much you can see in this action-packed city. Whether you are more comfortable with Straw-Coloured Age art or rather a graffiti, high culture or reaching high in a coffee shop, they are all there.

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Take a Canal Tour

One of my favourite and the best thing to do in the Netherlands is taking a canal tour. It is essential to have a canal tour in any of the Netherlands’ cities just to see and have a lively experience about the canals that gave the area fame as well as being inhabitable. The Dutch considerably refines the canal building, and therefore, it is primarily an integral part of life here. Thus, you cannot get to know the country very well unless you spend time exploring the canal boats.

Get To Know Leiden

Never miss this if you are on an expedition in the Netherlands.  Leiden is just but among one of the best places you can explore. Pay a visit to Leiden, one the smallest towns of Netherlands just to see where the Pilgrims resided before they exited to America. This city is a historical icon packed with beautiful seventeenth-century buildings and parks. Leiden city also has a small museum that usually has irregular opening times; however, if you are lucky enough, often the owners will let you wander through even if it is not open.

Explore The Hague

If you have never seen The Hague, then this can be an excellent opportunity for you to explore. The Hague is a European justice centre and a hub of transnational life. Here you can see the ancient palace and castle of the Queen as well as her office. Besides, The Hague’ s location is nearly adjacent to the beach; so boardwalk strolling and sand lounging are the most common summer activities here.

Visit Galleries and Museums

If you are obsessed with museums, the city has so many of them. Van Gogh museum is one of them; here you can see hundreds of Van Gogh paintings such as the renowned sunflowers and diversity of paints from famous painters. It has the Rijksmuseum, where people can see the famous Rembrandts Night Watch painting. There are so many other museums such as the Jewish history museum, the Hemp museum just to mention but a few. Keeping in mind the Amsterdam’s History, whatever you fancy in Amsterdam there is a museum for it. Therefore, this is just but among the best things to do in Amsterdam Netherlands.


In the southern part of the city, we have a huge park called the Vondelpark. During the summer season, it is populated by the Dutch who come out of there hidings to play the soccer games or just to relax. Is Vondelpark that busy?  Fine, we have other notable parks in the city, too. You cannot miss what you are looking for in the city.

Bike Through the Cities and Upcountry

Beyond being a visual wunderkind, Amsterdam is also full of many activities. Most Dutch adore biking. You can as well rent a bike and traverse through the city and upcountry the Dutch way. Cycling can be the most fabulous way to get out of the tourist hub and have an opportunity to visit suburbs like Oost and Jordaan just to see where locals live. There are many other exciting things to do in the Netherlands today, and so I will as well talk about the five best places to visit in Amsterdam.


5 Best Places To Visit

Visit the Canals

There are many things you can see and do in Amsterdam. This beautiful city is tantamount to its natural waterways, and so one of the best activities to undertake in this beautiful town is to get out and lost in this stunning canals. The benevolent city is at the centre of the Canal Ring- listed by UNESCO, a place where three water channels combine to make horseshoe-shape around the ancient centre. Other than that, we still have Jordaan one of the loveliest stretches of the canal-an area that is now full of boutiques, restaurants, and galleries just to mention but a few. You can as well hang out within the cafés of De Pijp, an area with a juvenile, artistic feel that is the cornerstone of “Albert Cuypmarkt” street market. If you still need more fun, you can pay a visit to the Waterlooplein flea market of the Jewish Quarter, botanical and zoo gardens.

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Hang Out in the Beautiful Parks

If you need some respite from the canals, there are also beautiful parks – starting with the large Vondelpark that hosts free concerts and many other performances can be an excellent place for you to hang out. The park also has an open-air theatre during the summer weekends starting from May all thru to September. You can as well hang around at the peaceable Begijnhof, a beautiful square delimited by ancient cottages.


You might as well want to learn about the history of the city. Companies such as Original Amsterdam and Sandeman’s New Amsterdam Tours do some free tours around the city at specific times in a day, and so you can easily tip your guide.

Revel in Classical and Jazz Music

For those who love classical music, free thirty-minute lunchtime concerts start at 12.30pm on Wednesday from mid-September to June hosted at Concertgebouw concert house. Many of them mark the full orchestra training, and others comprise of young generation musicians. We also have such concerts on Tuesday in the Dutch National Opera foyer. Alternatively, if you are a fan of jazz, the Bimhuis located at the Muziekgebouw offers free Monday match improvisational evens on the first month as well as weekly Tuesday workshop at 8 pm followed closely with by a jam session at 10 pm.

Enjoy Partying

Other than culture and the beauty, Amsterdam, of course, has that reputation of being a party city. If your primary focus is to visit coffee shops, disco, nightclubs, bash, and get to see the red lights; the town is good at that too. Vibrant partying and club scenes can be sported all over the city so if you are a fan of partying then this is also a must do in Amsterdam.

Pay a Visit to the Top City Viewpoints

The middle of Amsterdam is at a low-rise position, and probably you will not come across any skyscrapers with viewpoints from the top-high. We also have some excellent views throughout the city, like Openbare Bibliotheek the Public Library. The place is free to go in; it has a café and restaurant that looks out over the city. Wondering what other Netherlands best things to do? Keep reading.

It is also easy to get a drink with a good view from the 11th-floor bar located in the Doubletree hotel on Oosterdokstraat (usually opened from 11 am– 1 am, or 3 am on Friday and Saturday). You can as well go across the city to Hotel Okura, which hosts a cocktail bar that is wide open to non-residents (from 6 pm– 1 am, or 2 am) on Friday and Saturday. I cannot forget Cafe Blue, on the apex of the known Kalvertoren shopping centre, located at 360-degree panoramic outlook. It is usually open from 10 am–6.30pm, but on Thursdays, it remains open up to 9 pm.

Why You Should Visit Amsterdam

I first visited Amsterdam in 2010. With a sole aim of relaxing, after my long expedition around Europe. I had come across enough churches and required a good rest. While soothing in the capital, I discovered there was much more to be learned in the city than I thought.

Some people reside in Amsterdam only for a couple of days, just to experience the enthralling canal tours and coffee shops. However, I later learned this was a place that presented more pleasurable opportunities than just canals. I stayed here for almost a week. Indeed, I was in love with this friendliest city, the atmosphere, and the locals. Red lights, smoke, and canals were not all that could describe Amsterdam. In fact, there are so many reasons why you should visit Amsterdam. Get to know the floating flower market as well as tasting the delicious Dutch food.  I was there recently for the second time, and the city is still flourishing than before.


There are so many best things you can do in Amsterdam Netherlands that can enrich your experience apart from just visiting the famous interconnected canals, red-lights, tulips just to mention but a few. Therefore, what you desire, Netherlands is ready to provide. It is one of the most inspiring, welcoming, and enthralling country in northwestern Europe; it is all aligned with the backdrop of numerous canals, houses made of bricks, trees without forgetting bikes. Your journey across Europe is not complete without your stop here. You will come across everything you want, friendly native English-Speakers ready to take you around this beautiful city and the country at large.

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