Alhambra: a love story


Last month I went to Granada with my boyfriend, which is located in Andalusia, Spain. For many years I wanted to discover Granada, for its history, culture, art and, above all, food. So after a little mourn to my boyfriend, he surprised me with a pair of tickets to visit the Alhambra. The Alhambra is an Andalusian palace city that integrates seamlessly with the place, as this citadel is located at the top of the hill Sabika, one of the highest points of the city of Granada. This citadel, dating from the tenth century, at first it was a military site, but in 1238 became a royal residence, where the monarch and the court of Kingdom of Granada were staying.

I had always excited to visit this place, when I was a child I had gone twice to Granada, but until last year I could not visit the Alhambra (tickets must be purchased in advance). Also, my father is Arab, so I have Arab culture running through my veins, that\\\’s why fascinates me both Arabic art. Spain is one of the countries that maintain the architecture and Arab art; we can find many examples in various cities such as Granada, Seville and Cordoba. My father always told me about old stories of kings, princes and princesses of ancient Arab and my head always placed those stories in the same place: at the Alhambra in Granada. Thanks to all that and my father\\\’s insistence that I should ever visit the Alhambra in Granada, led to my boyfriend had this detail me.

First of all: get the tickets in advance.

When I was younger I went with my parents to visit Granada and of course, to see the beautiful Alhambra. But when we arrived we had a problem: there was a kilometric queue of people. It was totally impossible to go that day and, unfortunately, the next day we were already home. At that time I learned that you cannot go to visit the Alhambra without a ticket before in your hand. Therefore, I recommend you to get your tickets online in advance, a few weeks before, so will not happen to you the same thing to me. The tickets can get in TicketMaster at the following link: You can find different types of entries, such as Alhambra General; Gold doubles; Hispanic Muslim monuments; Alhambra and Rodriguez Acosta Foundation; Gardens Alhambra, Generalife and Alcazaba; Alhambra Night Palacios; Night Alhambra Generalife; Alhambra Specialists and Alhambra experiences.

If you want basically to visit the Alhambra in its whole and take a walk in its gardens I recommend you to buy the same input that I bought: Alhambra General. With this entry, with a price of 14 €, you have access to all the visitable spaces of the Monument, as the Alcazaba, the Nasrid Palaces, the Generalife, the Palace of Charles V and the Bath of the Mosque. If you want to have other experiences, such as seeing the Alhambra at night and feel all its magic, I also recommend the entry Alhambra Night Palacios or Alhambra Night Generalife, and thus contemplate the beauty of Moorish art in the light of the moon.

What we can find in the Alhambra?

“Patio de Comares” or “de los Arrayanes”

The first thing that catches the attention of the Alhambra is the perfect implementation of the monuments with nature. A clear example of this is the \\\”Patio de Comares\\\” or \\\”Arrayanes\\\”.

Patio Arrayanes


Around this courtyard so emblematic of the Alhambra are distributed different rooms. The source that we can see is called the \\\”Alberca\\\” and produces a really nice and amazing effect; it reflects the different structures around them. The name of this courtyard, \\\”los Arrayanes\\\”, it is because of the trees that surround the place, protruding through thanks to its always green color.

“Patio de los Leones”

Surely everyone knows the \\\”Patio de los Leones\\\”, one of the most representative monuments of the Alhambra and Moorish art.

Patio leones


The wealth of Moorish art can be seen in this great monument built between 1362 and 1391. The name comes from the twelve lions that are around the fountain, which serve as suppliers. This source is built with white marble and in the cup rim we can find carved a poem by Ibn Zamrak. In addition, the courtyard is surrounded by a gallery as a Christian cloister.

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Carlos V palace

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“Patio de la Lindaraja”

\\\”El Patio de la Lindaraja\\\” named after the Moorish oriel who presides in its southern side. This courtyard is characteristic for having been closed by the three bays of rooms of elected German Emperor, Charles V.


This yard has called a lot of attention to great artists and painters such as Joaquin Sorolla, the great painter of light, since this courtyard houses and reflects light in such a special way that can only be seen if you go there and see with your own eyes.

There are many more places that you should visit if you have the opportunity, as the Alcazaba; the Mexuar, where the prayers were held; the Hall of Mocárabes or Peinador de la Reina, an open landscape gallery. So you know, if you go to Andalusia and have the opportunity to go through Granada do not doubt for a moment and visit the Alhambra, unique in the world and declared of cultural interest by UNESCO. Also, you can’t forget that Granada is known for its food and its price, you can taste the local beer (is called also Alhambra), and the local food. I recommend you the “alpujarreño” dish or “migas”, which is very famous and is made with bread and pork meat.



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