A piece of history and a piece of beauty, all in one – My home town, Postojna


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Slovenia is a home to just 2 million people and Postojna, located in Southwestern part of the country, itself is a home to approximately 10.000 people. It’s been my home for the past 24 years, and I know this town’s every secret corners, its charms, the people and the places to be. For those that love touristy locations and for those who do not.

Don’t let the size of the town fool you. It has a lot to offer. It can take you hundreds of years back into the history. Introduce you to a piece of underground ecosystem and a whole lot of nature.


Postojna center

Starting with Attractions


The most famous cave – Postojna cave

It is Slovenia’s second largest Karst cave in the country. And is in the top when it comes to tourism. It has 2 million visits from all over the world yearly, and it’s been 200 years since the cave was opened to the public, they recorded 36 million visits from all over the world.

Going back to the cave’s underground world, it will take you on a fantastic journey beneath the surface of the Earth, a short train ride into the heart of the cave. The 24km of the cave and an hour and a half of walk through, where you will see its beauty and potential.

The cave can show its many natural and cultural attractions. From the beautiful creations of percolating water and dissolved limestone, you can see the most beautiful and world’s Brilliant and stalactite and stalagmite pillar, symbols of Postojna cave. But one of the world’s wonders are the unique human fish also known as Proteus; sometimes referred as the dragon’s babies.

These beautiful tiny creatures are used to living in the dark and are completely blind. And the interesting part is, they can live as long as humans.


the famous Brilliant

the entrance to the cave



the Human fish aka Dragon’s baby

Just a short drive from Postojna, you can check out the Predjama castle.


Predjama castle

The road, that will take you from Postojna cave, just a few kilometers out of town through little villages, and straight to the Predjama. Predjama has a famous castle, the Predjama castle.

In the summer, Postojna cave offers free rides for tourists, which takes them to Predjama castle. Predjama castle is a Renascence castle built within a cave mouth.

People say, Erazem’s ghost haunts the castle. Which is a great attraction, because a lot of people would try to find him, when they take the tour of the castle. The castle is a very well preserved, with its entire renaissance decors, hidden passageway to the caves and other secrets.

Predjama castle

Predjama castle has an interesting story behind it. The legend of Erazem of Predjama, it goes something like that J
The knight Erazem Lueger, was a robber baron.

According to the legend about Erazem Predjamski, Erazem was in a conflict with the Habsburgs. He killed the commander of the Imperial army. The besieging army wanted to kill him, for a long time, always unsuccessfully, because of the secret passageways, which allowed him to get away.
But one night, Erazem’s servants revealed that the toilet, on the top floor was the one place that did not have any secret passageways. When the time came, one of the servants placed a candle to the window of the bathroom, and, with a single cannonball, Erazem was killed.


Showing the castle to my friend from the US

Like I mentioned before, Postojna has a little something for everybody. Yes, even for adrenalin junkies 🙂


Adventure Park Postojna – if you’re looking for something that will make your heart race, get Goosebumps and something you’ll be able to tell your family and friends about, this will probably be your cup of tea 🙂

It is is a holy-cow-I-can’t-believe-I-just-did-this type of adventure.

The adventure park offers 70 challenge features and more on 40-feet above the ground.

You always hear cheering and celebrating noises from the woods next to the Postojna cave, where BTW, the Adventure Park is located.


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Other things to do in Postojna

But for relaxed oriented type of travelers, kind of like myself 🙂 Postojna offers a lot of hiking routs, musical events throughout the year and a lot of everything else.

If you like nice hikes in the nature, there are a lot of nice routs in Postojna – my favorite one is the path that takes you straight from Postojna through the field and woods to the near by village, and it’s just a short 20 minute walk.

Endless green fields will take you to the woods and the river Pivka, which you can cross on the hanging bridge. The bridge was built there during the 1st World War and has been hanging there ever since.

On a nice sunny day it’s great to sit there and enjoy the sun and the warmth, listening to the harmony of the wind and trees and frogs and crickets. It’s a truly a great place to put your mind at ease and turn off the stress from everyday activities.
You can also take an hour-long hike to Mladika cottage, and once you reach the top you can enjoy the view of Postojna. The cottage offers hot and cold beverages for all the happy hikers, they can enjoy it on the big terrace while enjoying the view!
On the top of Na pečni Rebri, where the Mladika cottage is standing is also a bell.

The legend says you can make a wish and if you ring the bell, that wish will come true.

Throughout the year, Postojna organizes different concerts for people of all ages. Most popular events are of course in the summer. The 2 weeks summer festival, called Zmaj ‘ma mlade. It holds events like arts and crafts, plays and concerts for children. Comedy nights, concerts, break dance battles, ect for all the others

Mladika Cottage

Koča Mladika na Pečni rebri 011

Wishing bell at Mladika Cottage

Hanging bridge 🙂 unfortunately the photo is really bad, due to bad camera at the time

_MG_2653 (1)

the hanging bridge up close 🙂


The locals

The locals are really nice all the time. And most of them speak multiple languages, English being the most common. People are friendly and welcoming. We love to help and if you’re staying with us J we will cook you some traditional Slovene dishes, drive you around to show you all our go-to places, just so you can have the ultimate Postojna and Slovenia experience.
This little town really has a lot to offer, and I do recommend visiting Postojna J there is so much you can do in a day or two. Even though I am the type of person who enjoys the rush of the big city, Postojna is my home, and I will always love it. It has its own hidden perks; but only locals will know where to look and how to enjoy them. And if you’re lucky enough to be friend with friendly people of Slovenia, even small town people of Postojna, they will gladly share those perks with you. 🙂


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