A fruitarian in Wellington City

Following a fruitarian diet while you’re traveling

Having been traveling for several months now, I truly think that keeping a healthy dietary habit is not a difficult task. Indeed, fruits and vegetables are fairly accessible everywhere, unless you are in Greenland perhaps. It has happened that sometimes people said to me that it’s a shame because my plant-based diet stops me from tasting new local cuisine. Surely, I usually don’t try the typical or traditional dishes of the region, unless they consist of fresh vegan salads. However, having a fruitarian diet makes you discover a huge variety of new fruits no matter where you end up. You would probably say to me that with globalization mostly all types of fruits are available wherever we are. Believe me that savoring a fresh local banana and drinking a coconut just picked on a flax-gold beach, the sun toasting your skin, in Thailand is a completely different feeling than eating an imported unripe banana in winter-time in Switzerland.

The local fruits grown in New Zealand

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On Saturday morning, from 9am to 1pm, the small Thorndon Farmers’ Market takes place in the car park next to the Cathedral of St Paul. Why it is better to go to the market instead of the supermarket? Well, buying at the market enables the consumers and the producers to interact directly without any intermediary. In addition to supporting local businesses, you help protect the environment, because being fruitarian is much more than a simple diet. The truck farmers offer an interesting variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and other homemade products. In my opinion, it’s the best place to get healthy vegan cheese made with cashew nuts. The apricots I bought were probably some of the best I’ve had in New Zealand. For the lovers of greens, organic kale, a popular superfood, can be found there. To finish with, a mouth-watering green smoothie will satisfy your taste buds before attending the Wellington Underground Market in order to buy unique gifts for your friends and family. The market is held every Saturday, no matter what the weather is, from 10am to 4pm.

A little past 4 o’clock, that rumble in your belly is leading you to look for something nutritious and light at the same time before dinner. Why not making a stop in Tank Juice Bar? This company with over 50 stores across the country manages five locations in Wellington City. Their diversity of juices and smoothies can satisfy any hunger. Their detox juice (beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger) is probably one of my favorites.

It’s Sunday morning, you’re craving for fruits… Let’s go to another weekly market! The Harbourside Market offers a big range of vegetables and fruits – local and imported (banana, mango, papaya, pineapple, ginger…). The quality of the products is clearly not as good as the ones found at the Farmers’ Market. However, the prices are especially attractive; it’s probably the cheapest way to get your fruits in Wellington City.

Harbourside Market Harbourside Market Harbourside Market

The organic shop, Commonsense Organics, which is situated closed to the Harbourside Market shouldn’t be missed during your Wellington trip. Indeed, it offers vegetables and fruits but also other yummy vegan goodies: delicious fair trade Medjool dates, raw vegan balls or energy bars, exquisite dried Turkish figs, several kinds of other dried fruits, cashew cheese, kombucha (a fermented drink) and others delectable products. Additionally, you will find vegan household items, cosmetics, skin care products, and dietary supplements.

My kiwi friend I have been staying with is clearly addicted to “Frooze Balls”, little snacks made with raw natural ingredients. His favorite “Frooze Balls” are made with cashew nuts, dates, almonds, carob and coconut. You can find them at New World Supermarket for $1.99 a packet (five balls) or in Commonsense Organics for 70 cents more. There are four types of “Frooze Balls” available: original, banana, apricot and cranberry.

Frooze Balls

Since I went to Thailand I’ve become addicted to the succulent nutty taste of coconut water. If, like me, you feel that sometimes you need something other than water, let’s refresh yourself and get some nutrients from one of the richest foods. I’ve tried several types from the Supermarket. The one I prefer is the “KingIsland” from New World.

Coconut water

Most of the time I buy local products. However, for some more pleasure I often treat myself to healthy imported products like fair trade dates or coconut water. Remember to keep in my mind that imported fruits should definitely not be the biggest part of your diet.

There are a few other places where you can get your fruits. For example, Moore Wilson’s at 93 Tory Street has a grocery space with a lot of fruits and vegetables. For my part I haven’t been really convinced of the freshness of the produce and the prices are no less expensive than in New World. However, this is probably the only place in the city where you can find fresh figs. Furthermore, the Kombucha there is cheaper than at the organic shop.

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As the healthy fruitarian that you are, you will want to do some exercise…

A gloriously shining day, a fresh breeze… this brisk weather will make you want to do some outdoor activities. So why not go for a walk around and discover the city!? The sweet and fragrant smell of the delicate roses from the Wellington Botanic Gardens will charm all of your senses. Take a walk around this 148 year old garden and find out more about nature’s beauty. From the lookout, enjoy the exceptional view of the city.

Another special place to go is Mount Victoria. A nice easy walk will take you to its panoramic spectacular lookout. Prepare an appetizing fruit basket and enjoy taking in a sunset from one of the best spots.

If the weather is not on your side, go for a swim, do some yoga or fitness at one of the several facilities available.

Who said that it would be difficult to be fruitarian while traveling? My best advice: try to keep your healthy lifestyle no matter where you are; your body and soul will be grateful to you.

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Mount Victoria

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