A Family Road Trip to Italy


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Me posing in front of Ponte Vecchio in Florence

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Rainy walk in San Gimignano

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Me, my sister and her husband in Siena (Piazza del Campo)

When in Rome…

We had two full days to explore all the interesting must-see sights of Rome, and it was truly unforgettable. The first day was reserved for the very reason why I wanted to travel there… to see the famous Colosseum! We walked from where we stayed towards the city centre and on the way stopped only to see some beautiful churches from inside and outside. When we reached Colosseum, I was totally swept away by the sight of it, after seeing it so many times on pictures and in movies. We had to stand in line for quite some time to buy tickets, but seeing it from inside was worth it! We spent the rest of the day exploring the nearby ancient Roman sights, like Roman Forum and Palatino hill, finally enjoying the warm sunny weather.

Panoramic photo of the famous Colosseum

Panoramic view over the ancient roman ruins from Palatino hill

Our second day in Rome was reserved for exploring the Vatican City and few other sights. We used Rome’s excellent public transport to reach the entry to St Peter’s Basilica, the richest and most spectacular church I ever seen. Although we arrived in early morning, there was already an endless queue all around the big Piazza San Pietro, all waiting to enter the basilica. My dad joyfully sacrificed himself to stand in line while the rest of us were wasting time sitting in the shade. After about an hour we finally entered this magnificent building and looked around the lavish interior in awe. I am not religious but the immensity and power of this basilica left me speechless, as of course I should be in every church.

Panoramic view of St Peter’s Basilica and the long queue

After we were done exploring the Vatican, we used the rest of our time exploring many lovely sights, like Pantheon (ancient temple remade into church), Castel Sant’Angelo, Spanish Square with Barcaccia fountain, Vittoriano at Piazza Venezia and others. While sightseeing we also took time for some yummy pasta lunch. I just love Italian food!

Pantheon, roman temple made into church

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Orvieto, the Umbrian Hill Town

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Interesting outside of Orvieto Cathedral

My sister and niece enjoying the view from Orvieto

The Renaissance City of Ferrara

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Beautiful city centre of Ferrara

San Michel’s Castle in Ferrara, reflecting in the surrounding water

From Ferrara we had around 4 hours of driving left to reach our home in Ljubljana, which seemed like the longest journey ever. Nevertheless, it was truly a fun filled and interesting road trip with the best company!

Tired but happy travellers!

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