A Day or Two on the NSW South Coast


Beaches, open roads, quirky cafes and relaxed atmospheres are what make Sydney’s south coast great. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney CBD, then a drive down the south coast is definitely what you need. I’m going to show you what a day (or two) down Sydney’s south coast could have in store for you!

Things you’ll need:
– A day (or two) off
– A few mates
– A car

Get ready for your day jam-packed with adventure!

Sunrise, approx 6am: Bald Hill Hang Gliding

If you’re a thrill seeker and you’re not too afraid of heights, why not begin your day an adventurous way; by jumping off a cliff! Bald Hill hang gliding is an exhilarating way to enjoy the all the beautiful sights that Stanwell Beach has to offer. After taking off with your instructor and having a leisurely glide around the hills and over the water, you get to land right on the warm sand of Stanwell Beach.
Maybe you and your friends can grab a cup of coffee and something to eat at the Stanwell Park Beach Kiosk if you haven’t already had breakfast, before heading off further down the coast because I have a lot in store for you today!


8am: Sea Cliff Bridge

Now you’ve completed your morning heart starter, it’s time to explore further south. One of the great things about the south coast is that the scenery is beautiful. You won’t be bored on the drive down (I promise!). You’re up super early today, so you’ll be able to watch the sunrise over the calm, blue ocean as you drive down the Sea Cliff Bridge. Ocean touching the horizon is what you’ll see from one side of the car, and on the other you have a stunning and detailed rock face. In my opinion there is no better way to get to your south coast destination than driving along the Sea Cliff Bridge.


9:15am: Minnamurra Rainforest

If you love nature, then the Minnamurra rainforest is perfect for you. Situated in Buddaroo National Park, the Minnamurra rainforest is home to many of Australia’s beautiful birds and wildlife. There are elevated walking platforms that will take you through and let you experience the tranquillity and natural beauty that the Minnamurra rainforest has to offer. You can go are your own pace here, as it isn’t a guided tour, so feel free to spend as much or as little time here as you want!


10:30am: Illawarra Fly Zipline

This activity is great fun for you and your friends or family! After a twenty-minute safety briefing, you’re strapped onto the Zipline and get to feel like you’re flying through the trees! BUT WAIT, there’s more! It’s not only Ziplining, there are fun little obstacles between platforms like ladders! This is definitely a lot of fun, and not too stressful for people that don’t enjoy heights, as you’re securely strapped in the whole time. If you’re worried, let your instructor know and they’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself.


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1pm: Jamberoo Action Park

Jamberoo is a super fun water park that is suitable for all ages! It’s full of different waterslides and pools, my personal favourite is the wave pool. If you decide to visit Jamberoo today, this might be where your south coast adventure has to end. This is only because this is a longer activity that can’t be crammed into two hours! Maybe consider finding some accommodation for the night and continue on your adventure tomorrow!


1pm: Kiama Beaches

If a quick dip in the warm summer water seems more like your thing, then it’s time to visit some of the most beautiful south coast beaches in Kiama. Set up on the sand and relax in the sun, but don’t forget sunscreen!


2pm: Cafes in Kiama

If you haven’t already eaten, by now you’re probably pretty hungry, am I right? Lucky for you there are numerous food options available in the heart of Kiama. Quirky little beach side cafes are where you’ll find the best food that Kiama has to offer. Take your time and peruse the variety of food choices.


3pm: Kiama Blowhole

Now that you’re full and satisfied, it’s time for a little Kiama sightseeing. Wander down to the lighthouse and voila! A naturally occurring wonder; and the biggest in the world might I add! This is close enough to the heart of Kiama that it is easily walkable. If you’re lucky, the swell will be big enough to give you a good show and some great selfie opportunities.


4:30pm: Berry’s Famous Donut Van

Lets be honest, what kind of person turns down a delicious donut? Certainly not me! So now seems like the perfect time to go a little further south and visit Berry’s Famous Donut Van! Grab yourself an afternoon coffee or milkshake and snack (or two), sit, relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family.


5pm: Berry’s Bonbon Shop

Sadly, this is as far south as we’re going today. So to make this ending a little bit sweeter, head into the Bonbon lolly shop in Berry to grab yourself some delicious treats to take home with you. They have all the sweets you could possibly think of eating, including giant lollipops!


6:30pm: Stanwell Tops

If you’ve timed your day perfectly, you could be in for a treat! Stanwell Tops is the perfect place to stop on your way home and reflect on what an amazing day you had down Sydney’s south. If you’re lucky Mr. Whippy might be there to accompany the perfect summer sunset with a creamy chocolatey dessert.


9pm: Time to go home

Hopefully you’ve had a day (or two) to enjoy an action packed adventure with what the south coast has to offer. Maybe you discovered a few things on the way that you’d love to share! Let me know below what things you’ve done in on the south coast that you love, and that you recommend!

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