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EXIT festival

One of the most popular brand/institution/organization is definitely Exit festival. If you know about Serbia you must have heard about Exit. It started 16 years ago as a student movement against political situation in the country, and for over the years it’s developed in music and cultural festival enormous proportions. It takes place in beautiful Novi Sad (second largest city in Serbia), on ‘Petrovaradin’ fortress. This fortress is perfect for festival because of its acoustics and huge space. Every year the number of visitors is increasing more and more, the attendance this year was about 190.000 people. Although there are many huge masses, with secret tunnels and small stages scattered through the fortress, it gives the feeling of intimacy and mystique and all that wrapped with long dancing hours on dusty fields. Besides that, Exit has had included many popular and quality acts, like Iggy Pop, Massive Attack, Wu-Tang Clan, Sex Pistols, Placebo, Guns N’ Roses, Carl Cox, The Prodigy, Faithless, Erykah Badu, Duran Duran, Snoop Dogg and many many more.




Nis Fortress in August

Going southern through Serbia you will come across onto Nis, third largest city of Serbia with rich history which extends way back to Osmanic Empire. Near downtown, beautifully located, there is Fortress of Nis. One of the most recognized and the most attractive places of Nis. In the fortress there is untouched nature and long walking tracks with couple of bridges and monuments. Also there are coffee bars, clubs and playground for children. The most important period of time to visit it is in Auguste, in that time the place is crowded with tourists and locals because of two main reasons: ‘Nisville’ and ‘Filmski Susreti’. Nisville is the biggest jazz festival in Southern-East part of Europe. Every summer for 21 year Nis hosts this event welcoming every kind of jazz musician from all over the world. Another great thing about Nisville is that it gives locals a chance to volunteer on the festival, providing them a great experience and fun for free. Filmski Susreti (eng. Movie Meeting) is another festival, just after the Nisville. Like the name says, this festival is about movies. For a whole week you can enjoy watching various movies and attending award ceremony. In that period of the year the city is really vivid and joyful.



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Mountain Zlatibor

Besides beautiful cities, with rich history, tasteful foods and drinks, interesting people, Serbia has provided us with breathtaking, untouched nature. With dozens of lakes, rivers, mountains, plains, you will always have some unfamiliar places to visit and explore where you can unleash your adventurous spirit. One of such places is definitely mountain Zlatibor (zlati – golden, bor – pine). One of the biggest mountains in Serbia, with most developed tourism, Zlatibor is a perfect choice to visit, either you decide to visit in winter or summer. There, you can enjoy in winter sports with long skiing tracks, hiking to highest peak called ‘Tornik’, visit ethno villages and take a dive in into Zlatibors lake. The most popular ethno village and also a museum it is ‘Sirogojno’. It’s so special because it has 40 houses on the outside and all of them are representing Serbian old way of leaving dragged from all sides of Zlatibor. Some houses are remodeled for tourist purpose. Besides houses, there is an old church, pottery workshops and souvenir shops. This is the perfect place if you want to get familiar with a true Serbian soul.

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Devils Town

Talking about untouched nature of Serbia, then you certainly must visit the Devils Town. The place does not have anything with devils, only with rocks. It is settled in the south part of Serbia, near town called Kursumlija. Because of erosion and volcanic activity, the formation of this rocks has been forming for million years. The Devils Town has about 200 rock towers with big caps or heads on them. They are huge, in height around 2 meters long and wide 6 meters. Therewithal there is two natural springs beneath the rocks, that has high mineral concentration. The one is called Devils Water and the other Red Well, symbolically because of the color and acidic in the waters. The locals are very proud of it, because they say that there isn’t anything like this in Europe. The other interesting thing is that Devils Town was nominated for the New Seven Wonders of Nature campaign, but unfortunately lost.

djavolja-varos-devil crveno-vrelo



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