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So, you are there sitting, thinking about a next place to travel to, a place to get to know another culture, to learn new stuff and maybe a new language, to have fun, to meet new and interesting people, to spend no too much money, to volunteer and to take great pictures. I have the perfect place for you: Peru.

This post will show you 3 reasons why Peru has to be in your next holidays plan.


  1. The food is the best

And everyone says that, even the super famous chefs like Juan Mari Arzak, chef and owner of the three Michelin-starred restaurant, said that the ceviche and potatoes are like jewels (…) the gastronomy is considered one of the great cuisines (…) with heritage, roots in the past and nutritional balance (…). So you should believe him!

Peru has a big variety of traditional dishes with fish, pork, cow, chicken, hen and also vegetarian. So you will definitely find something that you will love. And if you feel more adventurous, you can try Suri, a worm from the jungle that you can eat it alive.

The country has the biggest variety of potatoes, 3000 types of all colors and some of them have different kind of flavors. Peru also has a big variety of cereals like Quinua, one of the most complete food and healthiest in the the world because it prevents the risk of sickness and improves the health.

You can find a big variety of fruits that you can only find here. Like aguaymanto, camu camu, or this one:

Peruvian fruit: Pitahaya

Peruvian fruit: Pitahaya


The fusion of the Peruvian food with one of others countries are also good, you definitely have to try the Peruvian/ Chinese, Peruvian Japanese and the Peruvian Italian.

Every Region of the country has its native dish with its native ingredients. So, everywhere you go: coast, mountains and jungle, have different type of food, all of the really good, so you have to visit to try all of them.

Another wonder in the Peruvian gastronomy is the Pisco, an alcoholic drink originate here in Peru, made of grapes. You can try the Pisco sour that is a mix with egg, lemon and Pisco or you can drink the Pisco only with Evervest. Anyhow you drink it; it’s going to be really good.

The best thing is that you don’t need to go a big fancy restaurant to eat the best food, you can just go the small and cheap ones, or to the market kiosk and find really good and traditional food, and cheap!

   2. Nature:

Basically, you can find everything in Peru: mountains and desserts, beach and jungle, Andeans mountains and sand mountains.

Peru has perfect beaches to surf like Organos, to watch sea life, as Paracas and to party and just relax as Mancora. Also, in Lima you have El Malecon, a cliff with a beautiful view of the ocean and the sunset, where you can picnic, read or just lay there and relax.

In the jungle, you can stay in a lodge in the middle of the jungle, without cellphone signal and one hour away from the nearest city, and the only way out is a boat. Here you can navigate in the amazon river in a native canoe. Watch pink dolphins jump out of the river and hug sloths, visit native communities where you can dance with the people and learn about their life in the jungle. And you can see thousand species of birds (and bugs!). You can fish piranhas and you can swim in the river (away from the piranhas).

Mountains in the Andes, Peru


Inka Trail


Peru has one of the highest mountains of the world, Huascaran, and if you are brave enough, you can climb it (6.746 m).You can do smallest trekking trips, one of the most interesting is the Inka Trail, it takes 3 or 5 days, depending on you, to get to Machu Picchu. It is totally worth it because of the beautiful landscapes of rivers, lagoons and mountains, and at the end, you arrive in Machu Picchu when the sun arises in the morning.

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Peru also has big desserts, almost all the coast of the country is a dessert with beautiful valleys. In the region of Ica, there is an amazing oasis, Huacachina, where you can stay and you can dune buggy and sandboard.Huacachina

        3. History and culture

Since 2700 bc, the first Andean civilization lived in Peru, in the Sacred City of Caral, one of the oldest in America. After that, 13 more civilization with different cultures, traditions and religion each habited in different parts of the country. Finally, since 1300 ac to 1533 ac, the Incas lived in Peru and other countries in Latin America. While these, they built Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world, and many other places that you can see when you come to Peru. After this, the Spanish people came to Peru and the Inca Culture ended. Finally, in 1821, was the independence of Peru.Machu Picchu

Because Peru has many history, it has a big range of cultures around the country. Every city has a different culture, different habits, foods, clothes traditional parties, art, music, dances, traditional parties, etc.  And it is influenced by the ancient people of every city. So everywhere you go, you will find different and new things. Also, htere are builings for each culture, each city and each fase of the peruvian history. You will find the pre- Inca culture buildings, you can see the amazing Incas buidings, the beautiful spanish contructions and finally, the modern buildings.

Another relevant thing on the diverse Peruvian culture is the religion. The pre Incas and Incas population tried to be in harmony with nature, so this is was they deified their environment. They had different gods: Inti, the God sun, the Pachamama, they earth, and others. And this was reflected in their contruction type and it is very clear in Machu Picchu. Also, they had a party to honor the god sun, Inti, that nowdays is also celebrated in Cusco.


So now, go and book the next flight to Peru!


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