3 Popular Programs for Studying Abroad


First of all: always and forever say “YES” to any opportunity which can change your life incredible!

Few years ago I could not imagine that I will be traveling abroad and living few months in some countries. I couldn’t, but what did I do? I just say this “YES” to occasional information in my e-mail and in flyers on the information desk.

YES, I know what you think, and I pretty sure that you know about these existing opportunities. I really want to share my experience and, just in case, maybe somebody hasn’t heard about, so.

Read more about USA

Without this most important paper, you won’t get VISA J-1, sorry.

Sometimes this process takes time: 4-7 month to organize everything before your departure. How to be prepared for it I will tell in other articles.

The main condition that you have to fulfill is to come back (of course to your home country) and to be a current student by the end of the program.

When you decided to go you should immediately go to special student agency, which helps students to organize W&T program, or even you can do it by yourself to save some money.

 As far as you get a job offer (usually the travel agency invites some employers for job fairs), get your flight ticket and your visa (don’t forget some space in your language for amazing impressions), you are free to go and WELCOME TO AMERICA, where your American dreams come true!

P.S.: Don’t forget to pass the exams earlier not to be disappointed by getting into troubles with your teachers.

  • Exchange (Erasmus) program

For European students this program doesn’t seem something new, it’s quite a usual practice. But for example, for Russian students, it’s completely new and unclear. I will shed the light on this venture.

This program means that student from the home university go to study abroad for 1 or even 2 semesters instead of the upcoming international student from foreign university comes to your home university. It’s a kind of exchange of students. And I’m lucky to be an eligible student.

If you feel that you are ready to spend the whole semester abroad, to travel and learn the foreign language, what are you waiting for? Just go to your International department in your university and ask as many questions as you can!!!

To be honored to present your university in foreign you should explain via motivation letter your willing. And remember: the best students go to the best universities!

Usually, it’s not paid (as it was in my case – my university didn’t provide any scholarship). However, in Europe, there’s special fund called Erasmus which gives you 200-600 euro (depends on the country where are you going to) per month to cover your accommodation or other needs.

Such a nice opportunity, don’t you think? So, congratulations! You go abroad! The main condition, of course, you need to study… And usually, your faculty defines how many CREDITS (scores) you need to acquire abroad to recognize your internship. You cannot just spend whole the money and do nothing, sorry.

But the absolute advantage to take this exchange into your study track is traveling! You make friends all over the World, you apply foreign language skills, you spend time with the awesomest people, you travel the country, you try local food, and you realize your dreams at the same time!

Isn’t it wonderful? It is, and I absolutely recommend you to fulfill your student life by this opportunity. As a small bonus, you will have a certificate confirming your studies abroad which are an advantage when applying for a job!

P.S.: Study well – it will solve all your problems in future!

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    Master program abroad

This is what I’m doing right now. I finished my Bachelor studies and I decided to go abroad for continuing my education. The World plenty of Universities providing master programs for any major subject at any language. You just need to focus what do you want to study, where and what language should be the language of the program.

It’s a long process and for sure it’s longer than W&T USA or exchange. To be precise, I spend about 3 years to do this. But one circumstance: I did it without the help of agency specialized on this issues.

I had a negative experience to deal with this kind of agencies. First of all, they only focused on payable and expensive programs (10000-20000 euro, even more) and even they don’t “guarantee” enrollment into the selected program for some fee – usually, it’s around 300-800 euro (again it depends on the country where are you live and where are you going). And very often they do not provide any information about state programs which are usually free of charge or not so expensive.

My first attempt through the agency failed. Next year I decided to do it by myself. And now – I’m a student of the master program.

Fortunately, I can find the scholarship to obtain your studies. Check this link; it will help you for sure: http://scholarship-positions.com/.

P.S.: no P.S. because I’ve just started, and please wait for a new experience!

Finally, the main thing that I wanted to say is – take any opportunity to upgrade your education. Moreover, the most interesting and useful way to upgrade – is traveling. When you accept the chance the life gives you even more than you expected. The only thing you need to do is not to give up, is to keep on searching and trying.

 World for Peace, Peace for World – that is my deviz.


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