10 things you should do or see in Shanghai

In China

Here’s my top 10 of the things to do or see in Shanghai.

1. The Bund

The Bund is a famous waterfront area. It’s probably the most famous view and the most famous tourist destination in Shanghai. The Bund usually refers to the buildings and wharves on this section of the Zhongshan Road, as well as some adjacent areas.
When you walk on the Bund you can see in front of you the modern skyscrapers of the Pudong district. The view is really amazing and even mor amazing by night with alla the skycrapers lighted.
For the chinese new year eve, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is especially lighted only in red, a lucky color in China.

Price : free
How to get there : By metro, line2, East Nanjing station
2. Tianzifang

Tianzifang is located is the old french quarter. It’s not a really big quarter but it includes a lot of little and narrow streets with a lot of differents little shops and restaurants. You could eat a lot of differents things chinese or eastern food.
It is also an artsy area with a lot of bars, cafes, craft shops, design studio, art galleries and boutiques.
It’s a really an amazing quarter where you could stroll trying differents snacks and making some shopping.

Price : free
How to get there : By metro, line 9, Dapuqiao station, exit 1 (around 10 minutes walk from there)

3. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located in the Pudong district. This tower has a height of 468 meters. There is 3 big spheres you can visit in this tower (the price will be different according to what you will choose to visit). But I recommend you to visit the 2nd sphere. This sphere is from 259 meters to 267 meters and has 3 levels. The lower two levels are viewing platforms. From the main sightseeing floor at 263 meters, you can take an elevator down to a glass-bottomed sightseeing floor at 259 meters. It’s really impressive to walk seing als the Pudong district under ours feets.

Price : 220 CNY by person for all three spheres + Shanghai History Museum
160 CNY by person for the 1st and 2nd spheres + Shanghai History Museum
35 CNY by person for Shanghai History Museum
How to get there : By metro, line 2, Lujiazui Station, exit 1 and you could see the tower.

4. The Shanghai tower

The Shanghai Tower is also located in the Pudong district. Wit its height of 632 meters it is, for the moment (in 2017), the tallest buliding in China and the second tallest bulding in the world. But its sightseeing platform at 561 meters makes it the tower with the highest sightseeing plateform. The obsversation deck is 6 meters higher than the Burj Khalifa’s deck and 5 floors from the top. The Shanghai tower has also the fastest elevator that carry you to the sighseeing deck within one minute.

Price : 160 CNY
How to get there : By metro, line 2, Lujiazui Station, exit 4 and after a 500 meters of walk you could arrive at the Shanghai tower.

5. The fake market

There is two fake markets in Shanghai. The most known is the one in Nanjing West Road.
How to get there : By metro, line 2, East Nanjing station.

But I only went to the second one that is located in a subway station.
How to get there : By metro, line 2, Shanghai Science and Museum and Technology station.

Don’t hesitate to bargain the prices.

Price : free (except if you plan to make some shopping ahahah)

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6. M50

The M50 is an artistic quarter, one of the most important in Shanghai and located at the n°50 of the Moganshan road. You could find there about fifty industrial buldings with art galleries, studios, art spaces, cafes, restaurants and publicity agencies.

Price : free
How to get there : By metro, line 1, Shanghai railway station and about 20 minutes of walk to reach the Monganshan road.

7. The shopping mall

There is a lot of shopping malls in Shanghai but if I have to advise one, I will recommend the Joy City mall. Why this one ? Because there, you could find the only one Xiaomi’s physical store in Shanghai.

Price : free (except if you plan to make some shopping ahahah)
How to get there : By metro, line 12, Qufu road station, 5 minutes walk from there. The Xiaomi is located on the third floor.

8. Xintiandi

Xintiandi is an old area of the old city in the french quarter of Shanghai. Xintiandi is now a stylish pedestrian street with a lots of shops, restaurants and bars. But if you take the time to stroll you will discover some little and narrow streets called « lilongs » (they are narrow surrounded paths in closed quaters and that look like the « hutongs » of Beijing.

Price : free
How to get there : By metro, line 10, Xiantiandi station, exit 6 ; or line 1 Huangpi south road station, exit 3 ; or line 8, Da Shijie station, exit 3.

9. Yu garden

The Yu garden is a very huge garden (2 hectares) but with a very big number of visitors. There is around twenty differents pavilions. You will also find a bonzai garden inside. A lot of noble flora, trees and exotic rocks that represent a perfect model of the famous chinese garden

Price : 30 – 40 CNY
How to get there : By metro, line 10, Yuyuan station, exit 1.

10. People’s square

People’s square is located in the very center of Shanghai. It’s a big park and a little oasis in the middle of the building that circle the place.
The most surprising thing about this park happens during the weekend. During the weekends, the park turns into a marriage market. Grandparents, uncles, aunts or even mothers and fathers are looking for a good match for their child who are in the marriageable age.

Price : free
How to get there : By metro, line 1, 2 or 8, People’s square station.

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